About Us

Havana is the capital city of Cuba, with plenty of gorgeous Spanish architecture to marvel at. The National Capitol Building is a landmark that you’re sure to have heard of, and you can see it in person when you visit Havana. This city is a wonderful place to visit or live, and I cannot get enough of it.

Hello, my name is Jim Stanton and I have been living in Havana for the past three years. I originally found my way here while backpacking, fresh out of college with not many ideas on where I wanted my life to go.

Once I got here, I fell in love. The buildings, the beaches, the monuments - I was in awe. I went on a different sightseeing walk every single day and never got bored of the city, which I had found to be a common issue while traveling through other places. 

It just made sense for me to stick around in Havana from then on out. I never had the urge to keep backpacking, and I certainly didn’t want to return home to Utah now that I had seen this. 

I got a random job waiting tables at a local cafe, found my own place so that I could move out of the hostel, and even got a dog. It was tough out here for the first few weeks knowing very little Spanish, so I needed someone to talk to! 

I even met my wife out here, and now we’re raising our two children here. And I’ll tell you one thing - I’m still not bored of Havana. 

So, if you’re thinking of visiting Havana, stick around and learn more about the city from my website. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you out here!