Previewing The Havana World Music Festival

Cuba is a country that is known for its vibrant festivals, which celebrate the arts and the country’s rich culture. 

One of the most famous events in Havana is the Havana World Music Festival. Next year will represent the 10th anniversary of this incredible music festival, and below, we will tell you everything you need to know about it. 

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What is Havana’s World Music Festival?

This is a three-day music festival, which welcomes artists from all over the world. Just like Cuba is a place of mixed cultures and vibrancy, the World Music Festival involves artists from the most varied cultural, geographical, and musical origins, in a veritable mixture of sounds, languages, colors, and styles. 

The nature of this festival has resulted in it becoming one of Cuba’s most vital cultural events. The younger generation, in particular, adores this event, attending faithfully every year to enjoy their favorite acts and learn about new ones. 

A beautiful mix of cultures and genres

Cuba has been born out of a mixture of cultures, known as an ‘ajiaco.’ There has been a special influence from Afro-descendant populations, which has had a massive impact on music in Cuba. Styles such as salsa, chachacha, rumba, and son, amongst many more, originate from this part of the world. 

However, you can also enjoy hip-hop, reggae, and rock on the island! So, all of these different styles and genres come together to create a diverse, exciting, and unforgettable Havana World Music Festival. 

What you can expect from the HWM Festival

The Havana World Music Festival takes place annually in the middle of March. Throughout the event, concerts are played, and there is a great emphasis on fresh artists coming to the stage every year so that each year is a new experience. 

While getting big names to perform is always a great bonus, one of the excellent things about Havana World Music Festival is that lots of talented young artists who may not necessarily be famous yet have a great platform to perform and showcase their talent. 

Aside from outstanding Cuban music, a number of different events take place, for example, conferences, exhibitions, and workshops, which deal with the exchange of knowledge and fresh trends in music. 

Check out the Havana World Music YouTube page to see snippets from past festivals

You can take a look at the Havana World Music YouTube page to view past performances and documentary videos from previous years. This gives you a real feel for what the festival is all about. 

Some of the acts that participated in the 2022 Havana World Music Festival

To give you an understanding of what to expect, let’s take a look at some of the stars that graced the festival last year:

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Purchasing tickets to the 2023 Havana World Music Festival

If you are interested in purchasing tickets to the next Havana World Music Festival, you will be pleased to learn that it is incredibly easy to do so! You can simply turn up and purchase tickets at the door on the day. 

Get your groove on at the Havana World Music Festival

If you are planning on visiting Havana in March, you should definitely consider taking the time to enjoy at least one of the days at the Havana World Music Festival. You won’t regret it!