How Much Do Doctors Make in Cuba?

When looking at how much certain people make, you also have to look at what country they are from, how much is the money actually worth in other places and what it took them to be making that much.

Are doctors and surgeons paid more than other people in the workforce of Cuba? 

How Much Do Doctors Make in Cuba

This article will be covering how much a doctor actually makes on salary per year and also cut that down into monthly payments.

We will also be answering the questions that you probably have surrounding the differences in pay in the country in comparison to other systems. 

Different Ranges of Pay

Across Cuba, there are different ranges of pay which can go from 18,000 CUP to 87,000 CUP which is a huge jump. The average pay is somewhere in the middle at 50,000 CUP.

This is because when you are looking at doctors in comparison to physicians, their pay is very different. Here are just a few example of how the salaries differ:

Physician – Rheumatology59,300 CUP
Physician – Sports Medicine56,200 CUP
Physician – Urology76,900 CUP
Physician Assistant34,300 CUP
Physiotherapist40,400 CUP

In Cuba, they also depend on how long you have worked there and in that profession.

There, the longer you start to work at a particular job, the more you will get paid because you have the most amount of practical experience in your area.

This is the same for every industry there is and not just doctors because the longer you’ve worked is respected within the community.

When you reach that 10 years mark, your salary will increase by 21% and evidence shows that from when you first start to when you hit that 10 year mark, your salary has basically doubled. 

It is not only the experience you have, it is also about where you live in Cuba, your location. 

Doctors Paid by Gender

Even Though it definitely should not even be a thought anymore, in certain places, gender is a factor of pay. In Cuba men get paid slightly more in every aspect.

On average, men are paid up to 16% more than women in Cuba because of their gender.

This is a good indication that there is still a very traditional mindset in who should get paid more in their society because everyone is doing the same job.


As we know, the currency in Cuba is CUP and not dollars or pounds. Even though the health care looks to be in great shape, most people who live in Cuba are actually quite poor and are living in poverty.

This is due to the fact that the country relies heavily on tourism for a lot of the income and when there is a lac, the economy struggles.

There are two different types of currency in Cuba, the convertible peso and the Cuba Peso.

The Cuba Peso is worth far less than a dollar and other currencies whereas the convertible choice is worth much more.

However, because the healthcare is owned by the communist state, they are paid in Cuba Peso.

Therefore, if you are a doctor in Cuba, you will never get the amount that most other countries receive for their work because the largest percentage goes to the government.

How Much Do Doctors Make in Cuba

How Can a Taxi Driver Earn more than a Doctor?

Even though this may sound very peculiar, you may understand why when you understand the way their system works.

Due to |Cuba being heavily reliant on tourism, taxi drivers take most of that popular tourism work when taking them around everywhere.

Transport in Cuba is not the easiest to use which is why many tend to use taxis which are quite expensive.

Most people see this system as unfair because jobs tend to be paid more if they are more difficult to study and take longer to progress in, like being a doctor.

However, because they live in a communist society, they do not think like that.

Even though doctors do have a yearly increase in salary and will keep increasing overtime, it is still nowhere near as much as what doctors would make in America over a year. 

Education to be a Doctor 

The one good thing about this system is that the education is free which most people do not expect.

The equipment and buildings they have are not well maintained but shrill gives students the opportunity to learn to be a doctor.

Even the university is free to study too which gives more people a chance to study what they wish to study and be who they want to be. 

The system to become a doctor is quite similar to systems in other countries to become a doctor as well, including the education and medical tests that need to be passed including a lot of coursework.

They also need to be able to do after grad work and work experience. 


Overall, from this piece it is quite clear to see that the healthcare system in Cuba is a well working system but the way they are paid is not.

This is because in comparison to other countries, doctors are paid a lot less than what they would be if they were in America or the UK.

Due to a lack of tourism during COVID-19 this also really damaged their economy due to having no tourists which made the government heavily rely on the health care percentage wage cuts they get.

There has been a huge increase in Cuban doctors going to America to get the wage they feel they deserve but in light of that, there are still thousands of doctors in Cuba at a high level. 

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand the pay system in Cuba and why their pay may seem ridiculous for their job role.

It also shows a lack of modernisation with the lack of pay for women because men get paid more for doing the same role. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Neurosurgeon Make in Cuba?

How much money does a Neurologist make in Cuba? A person working as a Neurologist in Cuba typically earns around 63,000 CUP per month.

Salaries range from 32,800 CUP (lowest) to 96,400 CUP (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

How much do Cuban Doctors make a Month?

Since they are subject to government wages, they are paid in the Cuban peso. This means that Cuba’s doctors make around $50 a month.

Host countries often pay a fee to have Cuba’s doctors work there, but 75-80% of that fee is sent back to the Cuban government.

Are Cuban Medical Schools Good?

Cuba, which is only an hour away from Miami, has become one of the top spots for medical education.

With some schools offering free tuition, the country continues to draw students from all around the world.

Thanks to its cheap to zero fees, Cuba has the highest number of doctors per capita (67 per 10,000).

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