Top cafes for the best coffee in Havana

While Cuba is known for its coffee, it does not have the biggest cafe culture. Cubans purchase coffee from the windows of other people’s homes, rather than heading to a local cafe with friends to linger over the popular drink.

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Despite this, there has been an increasing number of coffeehouses and cafes popping up in Havana over the past few years. Cuba’s conventional coffee culture is expanding, meaning there are many different ways for you to enjoy traditional Cuban coffee. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top cafes for the best coffee in Havana.

Cafe O’Reilly

106 San Juan de Dios, La Habana 10100, Cuba

Cafe O’Reilly is an old-world, cozy coffeehouse. Beans are ground and prepared in-house, meaning an irresistible scent of coffee takes over the entire setting. 

If you enjoy the coffee you are served here, you can purchase a bag of coffee to go.

The menu at Cafe O’Reilly is certainly diverse, with a coffee drink for everyone. Not only does this include iced coffees and hot coffees but spiked coffees as well. 

Cuba Libro

4HGV+3FC, Calle 19, La Habana, Cuba

Cuba Libro was opened by an American ex-pat. It is the only English-language bookstore in Havana. Not only can you get lost in a story here, but fantastic tea and coffee are served.

While it’s not a coffee drink, their Jamaican iced tea is definitely worth a try! 

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HAV Coffee & Art

Jesus Maria 258/Compostela y, Picota, Cuba

There is no better example of Havana’s thriving cafe culture than HAV Coffee & Art. The modern design on the inside contrasts the colonial building exterior, creating a truly unique environment.

While the setting itself is a vision of beauty, the coffee is even better. 

You’re also probably wondering where the ‘Art’ in the cafe’s name comes from. Well, the cafe displays amazing rotating art installations by local artists. 

Coffee and art combined, what could be better?

Cafe ArcAngel

57 Concordia, La Habana, Cuba

If you are yet to find the perfect cafe for you on this list, Cafe ArcAngel is well worth considering. This is a cozy and quaint cafe that boasts outstanding service and some of the best coffee in Havana. 

Their ice coffees are impressive, yet the affogatos have to be a firm favorite. This is ice cream topped with a shot of espresso. Incredible!

Situated near Old Havana but still a few blocks away from the main tourist hub, this is an excellent place to unwind after a busy day of sightseeing. 

You can expect tasty small bites and sandwiches on the menu if your stomach has started rumbling! 

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El Café

#358, La, Amargura, La Habana, Cuba

Last but not least, we cannot mention coffee spots in Havana without talking about El Café. Not only is the coffee delicious here, but the atmosphere is wonderful too.

El Café is located in a restored colonial building in the center of Old Havana. From the original patterned floor tiles to the sky-high ceilings, this is a building of sheer beauty. 

Not only can you try traditional Cuban coffee here, but the cappuccinos are also great, and this is an excellent place for iced coffee. 

We would recommend visiting El Café on an empty stomach, as the food is also impressive. Their sourdough bread is famous in Havana!

Enjoy the best coffee in Havana

So there you have it: some of the top cafes for the best coffee in Havana. We hope that this has given you some great ideas and suggestions when it comes to enjoying traditional Cuban coffee in the country’s capital city. You certainly won’t be disappointed if you go to one of the cafes mentioned above!