Is Cuba Worth Visiting? 7 Reasons You Need To Visit

Cuba is a wonderfully diverse country full of different cultures and traditions. It’s not only diverse in this way, but also in its topography.

The island is the largest in the Caribbean and it sits between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, meaning it’s a melting pot of diverse wildlife, cultures and people.

Is Cuba Worth Visiting? 7 Reasons You Need To Visit

Cuba is home to some of the best food and drinks, dance styles and landscapes. There is truly something for everyone on this island.

Cuba was named one of the New York Times’ hottest destinations since relations with the US have been improved over the last few years, meaning tourism is on the rise.

If you’re still unsure, let us convince you, we’re going to be listing 7 reasons why Cuba is worth visiting and why you certainly won’t regret it.

1. The Weather

Just like its counterparts in the Caribbean, Cuba also boasts beautiful tropical weather with the promise of sunshine in most months of the year.

The island is blessed with high temperatures year round and Cuba actually receives around 400 hours of sunshine in the summer months!

Of course with a tropical climate there will be a few months of rainfall, May to October is usually when the rain starts to fall and November to April tends to be more dry.

But regardless, even when it’s rainy, most of the time it will still be sunny, and of course warm. This makes Cuba a perfect holiday destination to explore what the island has to offer and to also lounge in its blistering hot sun and cool off in the island’s beautiful clear blue waters.

2. The Cost

Cuba is considered to be the cheapest island of the Caribbean to travel to, with the cost of living being much cheaper than it is in the US.

It has become more expensive in recent years with the increase of tourism, and with the lack of a free market environment, hotels and resort construction can take a while to be approved, which means that accommodation options can be limited.

Outside of the tourist bars and hotels, beer is extremely cheap. Tourists will usually opt for beers like Cristal or Bucanero which can be found for as little as $1 in stores, but if you’re looking for an authentic Cuban experience, opt for some of the more popular beers amongst the locals.

The locals will often drink Mayabe or Cacique, which are often even cheaper than Cristal and Bucanero, and the locals will tell you that they taste even better.

If you’re more of a cocktail drinker, not to worry, the cocktails in Cuba are also pretty cheap due to most of their liquor being locally-brewed and the ingredients being locally made.

The mojito and piña colada was made here, so if you don’t try one made by Cubans, you’re definitely missing out.

Americans will usually exchange cash into Cuban pesos before they go for their trip, since there are still economic sanctions in play which means US citizens can’t use ATMs.

Which can be quite irritating as you will have to budget your whole trip in advance, but you can exchange US dollars in Havana.

Food is quite cheap, depending on where you go. Local food will only set you back about $5 a dish and for accommodation you can usually find a budget hotel for $25 dollars a night. So the cost is definitely a big reason to visit Cuba.

3. The Food

Speaking of food, Cubans produce food that is absolutely out of this world. Cuban food usually blends together the classic flavors of African, Spanish and Taino, giving you spice but also an interesting array of a diverse flavor profile.

Cuba has had an array of culturally diverse people call it home over the years, Cuba was colonized by Spain and their influence is still seen as Cubans still predominantly speak Spanish.

Africans were also brought here as enslaved people, and left their mark in more ways than one and 35%-60% of the Cuban population are of African descent.

One of the more popular entrees of Cuban cuisine is ropa vieja, which actually translates to “odd clothes”, its literal translation doesn’t sound very appetizing, but be assured it is.

It consists of shredded beef, tomatoes and yellow rice, it’s absolutely mouth-watering and must be enjoyed if you’re going to Cuba.

4. The Scenery

Is Cuba Worth Visiting

Being in the Caribbean, you already know that the scenery in this island is absolutely breathtaking.

It has so many different ecoregions from tropical forests to deserts and wetlands, there’s so many different things to see and to explore.

Cuba has more than 5,500 kilometers of coastline that boasts golden sand beaches, white sand beaches and beautiful crystal clear waters.

But if beaches aren’t your thing, why not explore the numerous national parks or mountain terrains? It’s such a diverse country that there’s bound to be something that suits your interests.

5. The Politics

Cuba has a very complicated history regarding its politics, it’s been ruled by the Communist Party of Cuba since 1965 and has remained a “one state, one party” principle ever since.

Cuba’s politics are not really idealized by the west, but it’s immensely fascinating to see how socialism works through your own eyes as Cuba has some of the last remnants of real-world socialism.

6. The Relics

Taking a trip to Cuba is like taking a trip through history to what it once was. It boasts some interesting colonial architecture, but not only that, the cars that the locals drive are very antique looking which almost transports you back to Cuba in the 1950s.

Obviously we don’t see antique cars much these days, let alone so many in a single street, but Cuba’s lack of first world consumer culture has meant that they’ve kept many old things in use.

You can even hire these cars whilst you’re on your trip, and experience these antique cars yourself.

You’ve probably seen the trope about Cubans and cigars, well it’s not so much of a trope.

Cigars are the biggest export of Cuba, and you’ll see many locals huffing on them instead of cigarettes. If you can, certainly try one, it’s truly an experience.

7. The Music

The diverse culture of Cuba extends itself to music too. Cuba is such a musical country, you’ll hear music reverberating from every street corner, it’s such an amazing atmosphere that you’ll feel instantly included.

Danzon is the official music and dance style of Cuba, which is viewed as the root of Afro-Cuban culture.

But there’s tons of other influences in Cuba too, the Taino, Arawak and Ciboney people were known for their areito beats, whilst the Spanish brought Salsa, Bolero and Rumba.

The vast amount of different cultures all blend together in Cuba and result in something truly remarkable and bring a sense of togetherness.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully after reading this article you’ve been persuaded to take a trip to Cuba, it’s such a wonderful and diverse country that you’ll find something that you’ll enjoy, it’s the perfect destination for a simple weekend getaway or a whole week’s holiday.

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