What Does The Cuban Flag Look Like And What Does It Mean?

Over the years, there have been many various versions of the Cuban flag. This is because of events such as the revolution that the country has gone through.

At the moment, the current Cuban flag consists of 5 alternating stripes and a red triangle on the left-hand side with a white star in the center.

What Does The Cuban Flag Look Like And What Does It Mean?

In this article, we are going to discuss what the Cuban looks like and the making behind the design of the flag.

Cuban Flag: What Do I Look Like?

The official flag of Cuba, has a distinctive red triangle, which is on the left-hand side of the flag. This triangle takes up just less than half of the flag.

The point of the triangle that is stretched horizontally through the flag, stretched into the middle of one of the blue stripes.

On this flag, there are alternating blue and white stripes. There are 3 blue stripes and 2 white stripes.

In addition to this, to finish the flag off, there is a white star, which sits right in the middle of the red triangle.

When it comes to the size of this flag, it has to follow the 1:2 width to length ratio.

As a result, if you follow this rule then the side that sits at the base of the red triangle is 20 inches then the overall length of the flag, which is the stripes, should be 40 inches.

It is important to note that the triangle is equilateral, therefore all the sides of the triangle should measure the same.

Therefore, if one side is 20 inches, all the other sides should measure 20 inches as well.

For the width of each stripe, these should all be uniform. The width of each stripe is equal to the width of the flag, but just divided by 5 for each stripe’s width.

The Meaning Behind The Cuban Flag

Every aspect of the Cuban flag has a special meaning to its people. Here we will break down what each element means.

When it comes to the blue stripes, they are to represent the three original political areas that the country was divided into.

What Does The Cuban Flag Look Like And What Does It Mean?

This was during the colonial period.

However, the two white stripes have a different meaning, they are there to symbolize the strength and purity for the fight for independence against Spain.

For the red triangle, signifies the lost lives and the blood that was shed for the people that fought in the fight for independence against Spain.

In addition to that, each side of the red triangle also has their own meanings. Each side represents equality, fraternity and liberty.

Finally, we have the star, which is found in the center of the red triangle.

Originally, the star was put on the flag as a way of Cuba saying that they wanted to one day become part of one of the states of America.

However, today it is seen to present the independence and solidarity of Cuba.

The Cuban Flag History

To begin with, the Cuban flag was designed by the Cuban poet, Miguel Teurbe Tolon, who at the time was living in New York.

Tolon designed the Cuban flag with the Venezuelan military general known as Narciso Lopez.

In fact, Lopez had been banned from Cuba due to being involved in the anti-colonial movement.

Tolon and Lopez may have designed the flag, but it is known that the first flag was created and sewn by Emilia Teurbe Tolon.

Once Emilia Tolon had created Tolon and Lopez’s vision, it was Lopez who took the flag with him, while he tried to complete a coup in 1850 against Spain.

This flag was then put on display in May 1850 in Cardenas. This was because Cardenas had been taken back in control by the anti-colonists.

However, the anti-colonists may have been able to retrieve Cardenas, yet their attempt to banish the Spanish forces in Cuba failed.

During 1869, another war broke out as Cuba was fighting the Spanish forces to gain control and independence of their country.

In particular, this year is known as the start date of the Great War, which is sometimes referred to as the Ten Years’ War.

At some point during the Great War, the Constituent Assembly, held a meeting to discuss the flag that will be used to represent Cuba once the war was over and Cuba had its own independence.

In the end, the members of the assembly decided to use Tolon and Lopez’s flag design.

This was mainly to do with the fact that they have involvement with Cuba’s aim for independence from day one.

In the end, Cub won the war, gained their independence in 1902.

In fact, on May 0th of this year, the military general, Maximo Gomez raised Tolon and Lopez’s flag in the Tres Reyes del Morro castle, to mark the moment that Cuba was its own country and ruled itself. No longer under Spanish control.

Then in 1906, the first ever president of Cuba declared that the Tolon and Lopez flag design would be Cuba’s national flag for evermore.

Flags That Have Represented Cuba

Over the years, there have been lots of flags that have been to represent Cuba. To begin with, there was the cross of Burgundy that flew in Cuba from 1521 until 1843.

After that, the Spanish flag was used in Cuba, until the people of Cuba started to want independence. Thus, a whole range of flags came to crop up.

However, it is important to note that when America took control over Cuba during the Great War, between 1899 until May 1902 the national flag of the United States was used in Cuba.

Since 1902, the national Cuba flag, as mentioned above, has always been used. It has been seen as a symbol of sovereignty and independence.

Even when there was the communist revolution who were successful in taking over the country, they still used the national flag as their symbol.

The Revolution was led by Fidel Castro, yet Castro still flew the national flag, however, his communist party’s flag could be seen in every public activity they took part in.

Today, the flag that you will see flying around Cuba is the same design that was created by Tolon and Lopez back in 1849.

Final Thoughts

Cuba has a very rich history, and the country has gone through a lot to be where they are today.

With that being said, they have had to fight for their independence to be able to fly the flag that represents who they are.

Today, the flag of Cuba, has 5 alternating blue and white stripes. With a red triangle on the left-hand side of the flag and a star in the center of that triangle.

The national flag of Cuba presents their sovereignty and their rich history on the thigh fight of independence.

We hope you have found this article insightful into the history of the Cuban flag.

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