Can You See Cuba From Cancun?

Unfortunately, you can’t view Cuba from Cancun with the naked eye. The same also applies the other way round, you won’t be able to see Cancun from Cuba either.

There are a couple of reasons why this is not possible. Firstly, you may not think it but the two are incredibly far away from each other.

Can You See Cuba From Cancun

There are well over 230 kilometers between them. But this isn’t the only thing stopping you from being able to see the island from Cancun and you can blame the curvature of the earth for this inconvenience. 

Because the earth curves between the two islands, it just physically isn’t possible to see them when you look across the horizon. You see as little as 5 kilometers into the skyline before the earth curves the surface out of sight.

On a very clear day, if you were to stand on the very tip of Cancun’s far border there is the slightest possibility that you’ll just catch the foggy horizon in this distance – that’s Cuba!

However, I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high because the chances of it happening are very, very, very, slim. 

Why Can’t You See Havana From Cancun

If you were to look on a map you would probably assume that you could see Havana in the horizon from Cancun since they do look as if they are relatively close together.

But while that distance on the map may look fairly small, it’s really not. In fact, Havana and Cancun are over 500 kilometers from each other.

Then as mentioned above, people tend to forget to take the earth’s curvature into account, but they really need to as this can almost double the distance in terms of sight. 

Can You Travel From Cancun To Cuba Via A Boat

It is possible to travel by boat, but just because something is possible doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. And in this case, I would advise against it.

This is because more often than not when someone is traveling by boat between these two countries it is done so illegally. Often Mezxal and Cigars are smuggled between the countries this way.

It’s also just very time-consuming and impractical due to the long distance, you’d need to refuel the boat so ferries don’t tend to travel the seas either. 

If you want to get from Cancun to Cuba the best way is by plane. This way it can take as little as 60 minutes and flights to Cuba from Mexico are also proportionally cheaper than flying from the United States.

So perhaps you can add an extra trip to your vacation if you’re planning on staying in Cancun. 

Is It Possible To Get A Cuba Visa At The Cancun Airport

Is It Possible To Get A Cuba Visa At The Cancun Airport

If you decide on a spur-of-the-moment trip to Cuba from Cancun, it is possible to get a Cuba Visa while you are in the airport.

However, many often have complaints about the airport authorities so expect a little inconvenience along the way. 

You will need to get a visa to enter Cuba though if you do wish to travel there. If you are from the USA then you’ll need a pink tourist card, if you are from any other country then you’ll need a green tourist card. 

It’s really not all that difficult to obtain a Cuba Visa, so honestly, rather than battling and wasting time at the airport, I’d opt instead to buy it online.

But should you have difficulty doing this, then you can always sort it out once you are at Cancun airport. Just get there early so you don’t miss your flight trying to obtain the visa. 

How Long Would It Take To Swim From Cancun to Cuba

Now, you may be thinking that this is a ridiculous topic – no one would ever swim that great of a distance. Well, it has been done before.

Yeah, you heard that right, someone once swam the 125 miles distance from Cancun to Cuba which on average takes around 40 hours to do! 

This amazing feat was completed in 1998 by an Australian woman who had to use an anti-shark cage to swim straight across the Yucatan. She did so in just under 39 hours.

I’m not too sure whether I’m more impressed by her strength and stamina, or her undeniable bravery. 

Throughout the months of May to August, the water around Cancun is not too coarse and so swimming around the region is possible. 

Which Is The Better Destination Havana Or Cancun

Now, this is a hard one. It’s a little like asking a parent who is the favorite child. Which one you’ll prefer really depends on what kind of holiday you’re hoping for. Although, personally I would slightly veer more towards Havana.

My reasoning for this is that both are resort cities with beautiful beaches, however, Havana also has a rich culture, amazing cuisine, and so many different sites that you can visit.

That being said, Havana is also more expensive than Cancun, so those on a budget may want to opt for Cancun. 

Both are divine, gorgeous places to visit so if you are able to see both of them that I would always recommend doing so. 

Final Thoughts

Cancun and Cuba are both stunning destinations with beautiful beaches, that on a map seem incredibly close to each other.

And in a way they are, you can travel by plane from one destination to another in just an hour and someone has even swam the distance in just under two days.

So it’s not surprising that so many people hope to be able to see one island from the other. However, this just isn’t possible due to the curvature of the earth.

But if you do find yourself looking out in the distance wanting to catch a glimpse of Cuba, consider catching a flight there for the day.

You can pick up a visa at the airport and the flights are relatively cheap to do so!

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