How Do You Get from Havana To Varadero?

If you’re planning a trip to Cuba, then you’ll want to visit its capital, Havana, and you’ll want to see the beach resort town of Varadero.

You might be wondering how you can get to Varadero if you’re setting down in Havana, but don’t worry.

How Do You Get from Havana To Varadero

We got you covered, so you don’t have to get that map out or try to ask for any complicated directions as we’ll provide you with a route whether you’re driving, taking the train, or riding the bus.

We will also provide some tips you might want to consider, as Cuba’s driving rules and etiquette could be different than what you’re used to.

So if you’re ready to set off on a fun road trip, read on to find out more about this route.

If You Are Driving

If you’ve got that rental car all geared up and ready to go, you might want to consider the options you can take.

There are two routes you can take, with one being more convenient if you want to get there a bit quicker and the scenic route which you might want to stop off on to see the beaches and parks.

Below we have provided directions from both routes, and this way, you can see for yourself which route you’d prefer.

If You Are Going By Via Blanca 

You want to start on Carr. Central De Cuba and head northeast towards 10 de Octubre for about 2.6 kilometers.

Then you want to keep left to continue via Blanca for 1.8 kilometers, then you want to keep straight to stay on via Blanca, by which you should be met by a roundabout.

Here, you want to take the second exit, then you can follow this road to Varadero.

On this road, you’ll have to take the 3rd exit on the roundabout, then continue forwards for 38.2 kilometers.

Then you’ll want to turn left, and at 900 meters, you’ll want to turn left again, then a slight right for 1.4 kilometers.

Then you’ll want to keep left to continue onto Via Blanca and follow the road, and that’s it, you’ve arrived at Varadero.

A good way to judge how close you are is to check the sights to your left. You should begin to see more parks and a golf course on your way. This way, you’ll know you’re close to Varadero.

If You Are Going By Carr. Central De Cuba

For this route, you want to head northeast on Carr. Central De Cuba towards 10 de Octubre for 2.6 kilometers, just as the last route takes you.

But when you reach the first roundabout, you want to take the third exit instead, and at 500 meters, you want to take the first exit at the next roundabout.

From here, you want to continue onto 24 de Febrero, then at the end of this road, you want to turn left towards Autop. Nacional, then continue down this way for 31 kilometers.

Once you’ve gone this far, you’ll want to take the first exit you see towards Car.

Central De Cuba, then after 250 meters, you want to make a sharp left.

Now you want to continue going this way for 63.8 kilometers, and at this point, you’ll see buildings like Las Palmas, which is a hard-to-miss place of entertainment, and once you reach the corner with Pizzería Buona Sera restaurant, you want to turn left here.

At the end of that road, you’ll want to turn right, then keep left going down this road for 37.5 kilometers and keep going until you reach the Hotel Costa Verde.

Then you want to continue going forwards, and you’ll see various hotels and resorts on your left, and then you’re at Varadero.

If You are Going By Bus

If you’re considering going for an easy bus ride, then you can expect a route that is similar to the Via Blanca route, except it makes a stop at Juan Gualberto Gómez international airport, where you’ll have to take another bus to get to the town of Varadero.

Altogether, this route will take you anywhere between 3-4 hours and runs 3 times a day, and the price will cost somewhere between USD $7-$10.

You can see here that it can take about twice as long as it would for a car, so it depends on how soon you’d like to arrive there.

If You are Going By Train

This might be the cheaper of the three options as this route takes you to a stop around Matanzas, where it stops, so you have to walk to the nearest bus station, which loops around the same airport as the standard bus route and will then take you to Varadero.

This route works on an on-demand service, and its connecting bus routes operate 2-3 times a day.

This service will cost you somewhere between USD $4-$8, but the inconvenience of switching modes of transport might confuse some people.

How Do You Get from Havana To Varadero

Some Tips For A Successful Trip

Those are the standard ways of travel, and some of these methods are through an operator, so you’ll know what route it’s taking you.

However, there are some tips we’ve provided below to make this journey easier for you, so you’re not left stranded and confused as to where you need to go.

Be Aware of any Checkpoints

On your route, you may encounter checkpoints to inspect vehicles, especially if you’re driving.

his is so you can make the search quick and easy for yourself by not putting too many of your goods in hard-to-reach areas, and you can set off in no time.

Know what Stops you Need to Make

This is so you can plan and know where you need to be in an emergency.

This could cause your transportation to make a stop earlier than where you need to be, so you can put in a plan to meet that next stop without any delays. 

Be Careful of Driving Conditions

If you’re driving to Varadero, you should have a good understanding of driving regulations, especially at night, as Cuba lacks lighting on the streets, and animals can roam the roads at night.

So it might not be advisable to drive at this time of day, and it’s good practice overall to have good driving etiquette towards other drivers around you. 


Now you have an idea of what mode of transport you will take, you could also make some stops along the way.

If you happen to drive to your destination, you could make some stops at the various restaurants and parks and could even see some of the route’s beaches, but ensure that you don’t get too far from the beaten path.

Once you get to Varadero, you can expect to see a lovely town with plenty of beach resorts and attractions for you to see, and if you follow these directions, you should be able to reach it in no time.

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